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Momma F wrote
at 2:47pm on March 20th
  lol...Momma F is beating

ajmiller1467 wrote
at 8:19pm on March 19th
  Why would anyone pick duke to win it all smh

aaronrlinn wrote
at 10:32pm on March 18th
  Good news guys.....second place is up for grabs!

tortuga68 wrote
at 1:15am on March 18th
  Will Hampton take down Kentucky? Give me the odds, please

Password is taco. wrote
at 8:13pm on March 17th
  Pray for ware against VCU

Fields Foley wrote
at 5:31pm on March 17th
  Listen here Tons o Fun ! I am the commisioner now and can change it to make whoever I want to win !!!!!!!!!! So you suck on that for awhile !

BBCAN2015 wrote
at 7:28pm on March 15th
  Is this a place where i can start a Big Brother Canada pool? If not, does someone know where I can start one? Thanks

echurch82 wrote
at 9:47pm on March 4th
  Thanks commissioner Megan!

sxrs3fan wrote
at 9:08pm on February 22nd
  me and meryl streep gonna make out

sxrs3fan wrote
at 9:03pm on February 22nd
  reese witherspoon is a smoke bomb wrote
at 12:35pm on February 22nd
  Go DAWN OF THE APES. I don't even mind loosing if it wins!

arelucio wrote
at 4:33am on February 22nd
  I'm at the Best Picture Showcase playing all 8 best pic nominees in a row. So far I like EVERY movie better than Birdman and Boyhood, but the winners aren't always the crowd fave. It's so complicated!

niko_kolenic wrote
at 1:43am on February 22nd
  The Grand Budapest Hotel..?

andrewlark wrote
at 12:06pm on February 19th
  A lot of the top categories are tough this year, especially Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor. I believe the two brits will cancel each other out and Michael Keaton will win by a nose...

redsonya1967 wrote
at 6:10pm on February 12th
  AWESOME!!! Thank you Christopher! xoxo

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