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niko_kolenic wrote
at 1:43am on February 22nd
  The Grand Budapest Hotel..?

andrewlark wrote
at 12:06pm on February 19th
  A lot of the top categories are tough this year, especially Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor. I believe the two brits will cancel each other out and Michael Keaton will win by a nose...

redsonya1967 wrote
at 6:10pm on February 12th
  AWESOME!!! Thank you Christopher! xoxo

Nick87 wrote
at 8:31pm on February 1st
  Better game then last year all ready

mckennadrive wrote
at 2:40pm on February 1st
  I though the super bowl pool was to close at 1pm.

frafer88 wrote
at 3:38pm on January 22nd
  Selma should be a winner not american sniper

dodijackson wrote
at 1:24am on January 13th
  I'd like to know when that tiebreaker score was changed to one point below mine, which was set over a week ago. Smells fishy to me.

RonCr8n wrote
at 11:54am on January 12th
  I lost the last 11 games in a row !!! That's not easy to do. Next year whoever finishes alone in last should get a prize. Maybe their money back or free entry into the next pool or "A BRAND NEW CAR !!! " :)

blackshaun wrote
at 3:55pm on January 6th
  I have one game left and 12 wins, I have OSU in the championship and if they cover I tie the leader.

Craig Williams wrote
at 9:49pm on January 5th
  Is the last game between Ohio state and oregon a game that changes he number of games correct or just a game to break a tie

jonesy24 wrote
at 6:33pm on December 27th
  this is definitely a Costello pool duke covered

The Wizard wrote
at 12:11pm on December 24th
  Hey Marty. Merry Christmas. Quickly, do I need to have everything locked in by midnight? The lock in clock says 19 days...

schick wrote
at 9:56am on December 23rd
  Hi, Sheryl! Are u working on any quilts? Are these the kind of comments we should make?

RENOs #1 wrote
at 6:28pm on December 20th
  Uncle Marty what's with the small points... don't you have any balls... LOL!

lambertlane58muleskinners wrote
at 8:27am on December 20th
  Aaron were you guys at?this is mule

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